Aegg Invests in 2 Lorries Due to Growing Demand for Packaging Supplies

As the demand for Aegg’s glass drinks bottles and food jars continues to rise, we have made a strategic investment in two DAF 530 FTG trucks. These trucks have been specifically chosen to enhance Aegg's existing fleet of over 30 vehicular units, showcasing the company's commitment to efficient and reliable transportation solutions. 

The decision to invest in the DAF trucks was driven by their renowned reputation for reliability, robustness, and driver comfort. With the incorporation of efficient Paccar engines, these trucks not only deliver exceptional torque at lower revs but also contribute to improved fuel economy and reduced environmental impact. This aligns with Aegg's overarching sustainability goals and eco-friendly practices.

Aegg Transport Manager, Bradley MingayAegg’s Transport Manager, Bradley Mingay, added “The DAF trucks are ideal for longer distance and night out requirements and are a welcome addition to our growing fleet.  The vehicles come with suitable beds, microwave, and fridges, so that the drivers are fully equipped to sleep away from home before or after making deliveries.  The DAF trucks complement our range of Scania lorries, which we use for day shifts.  The drivers are thoroughly happy with the new DAF vehicles and are slowly adding their own little touches of home into them.  We take pride in our fleet and our cleaning schedule ensures that our tractor unit and curtain sider arrive at a customer’s site clean and presentable both inside and out.”


The transport and logistics division at Aegg's Suffolk hub in Eye ensures the smooth and efficient movement of packaging between crucial locations such as Felixstowe and Grangemouth docks, warehouses, and customers throughout the UK. Situated near Felixstowe port, the busiest container port in Britain, Aegg's strategic location not only streamlines our transportation operations but also enables us to meet the increasing demands of our expanding customer base, providing prompt and reliable services.


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