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Aegg Creative Packaging is a different type of packaging supplier. We design, manufacture and source a variety of premium food and drink packaging that will enhance your product and excite your customer.

 Since 2010 we have developed a strong presence in the premium dessert and seafood sectors - supplying our customers with premium table presentable packaging. Our customers range from large food manufacturers, such as Greencore, Noble Foods and Andros to small independents both in the UK and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our innovative ways of working. We'll listen to your ideas and specific requirements and then we'll manufacture your concept, from design to delivery.

Our range of off-the-shelf packaging includes: Injection Moulded Plastic, Blow Moulded Plastic and Glass.

Our customers like to work with us, as we provide:

  • Accredited production facilities (predominantly in the Euro zone)
  • Multiple materials
  • Aegg ‘expertise’
  • Short lead times

Our products are displayed in all major UK supermarkets with retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, all featuring Aegg pots. We have recently expanded our customer base into Europe; and, via a long standing customer in South Wales, an Aegg pot has reached the shores of Australia!

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We believe our customers want to deal with us because we offer an in-depth expertise.

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