Spotlight on Aegg’s Food Packaging Manufacturing Unit in Bulgaria

Aegg's food packaging manufacturing unit in Bulgaria

Did you know: In addition to Aegg’s in-house UK manufacturing unit, Aegg also manufactures recyclable plastic food packaging through its exclusive manufacturing partner in Bulgaria?

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The Factory’s BRC AA Accreditation

The Bulgarian factory has been awarded with the highest food safety standard accreditation achievable, BRC AA. The accreditation sets the benchmark for good manufacturing practice, helping to provide standardisation and assurance on safety, quality and operational criteria.


The food packaging manufacturing line at Aegg's Bulgaria factory

The Factory’s Output

The Bulgarian factory operates 24/7, run by its very efficient team of 30 staff. It produces a range of recyclable food pots and lids for Aegg, from small individual serving pots, ideal for prawn cocktail starters or mini cheesecakes, right up to large sharing bowls, suitable for healthy salads or sumptuous family desserts.

Aegg recyclable plastic food pots manufactured in Bulgaria

Caption: a selection of Aegg food packaging produced at the Bulgarian factory

Aegg Comment

Aegg's Jamie Gorman (Procurement Director) recently visited the factory, together with Anthony Coats (Founder) and Haseen Naheem (COO/CFO.

Jamie said “It is always a pleasure to visit the team at our Bulgarian factory. The quality of food packaging they produce for us is first class. Many of the team have worked there for over 20 years, so they know a thing or two about running a super-efficient factory! Their factory is always spotless, the equipment is very well looked after and they go above and beyond to keep the quality of the production really high.”

The Aegg team at their recent visit to the Bulgaria manufacturing unit

Caption: Aegg’s Jamie Gorman (back right), Haseen Naheem (front left) and Anthony Coats (front right), with some of the factory team, at their recent visit to Bulgaria

Jamie went on to say “As well as producing Aegg’s food pots, the Bulgarian factory also works with us on collaborations and outsourced projects with other organisations. This is ideal for when food manufacturers or supermarkets need additional seasonal stock, or for one-off or ongoing projects requiring delivery into Eastern Europe or the UK. A new warehouse has also been added for extra capacity.”

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