Fresh Soup & Pasta Sauce Pots

Pasta sauce pot

Aegg Launches Innovative Plastic Fresh Soup and Pasta Sauce Pots.

Aegg is launching its brand new range of plastic fresh soup and pasta sauce pots at the company’s stand, C25, at NEC’s Packaging Innovations on 1-2nd March, 2017.  

Aegg is launching its brand new range of plastic fresh soup and pasta sauce pots at the company’s stand, C25, at NEC’s Packaging Innovations on 1-2nd March, 2017.  The pots, which have just been shortlisted for the show’s Innovations Showcase, have been designed to revolutionise the fresh soup and pasta sauce packaging industry through their unique resealing lid design and in-home practicality.

The pots have a built-in pouring spout and a lid with a tear back feature, allowing the consumer to microwave safely, helping to prevent spillage of boiling hot soup on a consumer’s hand.  They can also be re-sealed if part-using, making them more user-friendly.  In addition, Aegg has designed the pots so that any of three label solutions (adhesive label, in mould label and print) can be used. There are currently two pot sizes within the range, which are ideal for either a single or double serving, each with the same size diameter at the top, but with 30% less capacity for the smaller pot.  Aegg has borne in mind the concerns of the food manufacturer when designing these pots: common top dimensions across the range enable fewer tool changes and therefore less lost production time.  Although the pots are ideal for soup and pasta sauces, they can also be used for other contents, such as custards, gravies, stocks and broths, making them very versatile.

Jamie Gorman, Aegg’s managing director, said “We are delighted that Aegg’s new range of fresh soup and pasta sauce pots has been selected for the Innovations Showcase shortlist as part of the upcoming NEC Packaging Innovations event.  The pots will be displayed in the centre of the show on the Networking Bar on an open plinth together with a product description so that visitors can look at them and touch them, as well as on display at our company stand, C25.”

Jamie went on to say “Our team spotted a gap in the market that addressed an inherent consumer usage issue with current soup and pasta sauce pots.  So our in-house design team created the innovative design, which we then combined with our tooling and manufacturing expertise to create something unique within the market place.  It was important to apply our total management solution approach to these pots, so we have thought about maximising production efficiencies for the food manufacturer though incorporating common size features across the range and also designing in features for any of 3 label solutions.”