International Women's Day: Interview with Manufacturing Company, GCA

GCA supports equal presentation throughout its organisation

To  celebrate this year's International Women's Day, we interviewed one of our carefully vetted packaging suppliers, GCA, exclusive supplier to Aegg in the UK and Ireland of their world-renowned glass jars and bottles. 

The manufacturing industry hasn't always historically attracted a diverse workforce: for example, according to Statista, as of the fourth quarter of 2023, there were approximately 1.98 million men employed in the manufacturing sector in the UK, compared with 710,000 women (around 36%). We wanted to find out how GCA, in particular, is turning around perceptions and creating a more equality-centric culture.

Dr Abdul Gayret GCA General Manager

We spoke to GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret, to find out more about how GCA encourages diversity...

1.    Does GCA have female workers employed in all areas of the business?

Our female employees shine with their diverse talents and perspectives throughout the organization. From engineering to operations, finance to marketing, our female employees play critical roles at all levels. However, we also have many female employees on the hot and cold side of production. In addition, there are women who hold leadership positions and are authorities in fields such as innovation and technology, and their contributions are significant. This diversity helps to establish a solid groundwork for our organization, while concurrently fostering a forward-thinking and inclusive corporate culture that benefits society. Every one of our female employees has the potential and talent to make a significant contribution to our company's success. We are pleased to see that our company's competitiveness is enhanced by its diverse workforce.


2.    Does GCA have a gender equality policy or culture?

We prioritize gender equality and strive to increase the proportion of female employees annually through the implementation of policies that support this objective. Diverse measures are implemented to increase the representation of women in the business world. By implementing an equitable and neutral strategy during the recruitment procedure, we guarantee a greater representation of women within our organization. Furthermore, we foster an egalitarian workplace climate by providing opportunities and programs that assist female employees in advancing their careers. By means of internal trainings and awareness campaigns, we endeavor to avoid gender discrimination and increase awareness regarding gender equality. Our ongoing objective is to increase the representation of women in leadership roles. 


Pırıl Konuk and Melis Çelebi Business Development Team at GCA

Left: Melis Çelebi, GCA Business Development Specialist
Right: Piril Konuk, GCA Head of Business Development

3.    Does GCA carry out any gender equality initiatives?

An examination of global corporations and the glass production sector reveals that women's employment is limited due to the arduous nature of the work in the hot field. The primary rationale for this is that these tasks entail physically demanding environments. GCA is among the pioneers in establishing female employment in high-temperature production zones. This development is among the initial methodologies implemented in our sector, both domestically and internationally. Developing our personnel consistently ranks among our highest concerns. The percentage of female leaders in managerial positions among our more than 600 employees exceeds 30%, and our human resources continue to expand daily with the addition of a new team member. Our main goal is to fill our engineer and specialist positions with women. Additionally, it is imperative that we increase the proportion of female operators, which we are actively striving to achieve. 

4.    Does GCA have a higher than average ratio of women employed in the business compared to the rest of the industry? 

Regarding the percentage of women employed, GCA ranks on an international scale when compared to other companies in the industry. Our organization actively supports and advocates for women's employment in high-temperature production sectors. In comparison to many other organizations, we place a greater emphasis on the recruitment and advancement of female staff. Consequently, we can assert that our workforce comprises a greater proportion of women employed in the sector nationally.



Başak Dik, GCA Method Engineer Lead

5.    Do you feel that gender equality is improving in the glass/ manufacturing industry?

Concerning the advancement of gender equality, there is no doubt that the glass
and manufacturing industries are undergoing positive transformations. Nevertheless, further progress is required in this domain. In a sector as significant as the glass industry, we need to take additional steps to ensure that the skills and contributions of women are utilised to their full potential. This is essential for gender equality as well as the long-term viability of our sector. GCA is creating several policies and initiatives to advance gender parity and boost the number of women working in the sector. "Rıza Güral Education First for Future Scholarship Fund" has been established in collaboration with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) and all brands in the Gürok Group. This initiative aims to provide free scholarships to 74 students enrolled in academic institutions located in Kütahya and Antalya during the academic year 2023-24. GCA awards scholarships to 40 female vocational high school students residing in the city of Kütahya, our manufacturing hub, as an integral component of this assistance. Our objective over the next decade is to award scholarships to 700 students affiliated with our organization. 


Deniz Bostancı and Şule Esra Çetinkaya
Left: Deniz Bostanci, Head of Design, GCA with 
Right: Şule Esra Çetinkaya, GCA Product Design Manager

6.    What would you say to other females who are interested in working within the glass/ manufacturing industry?

The glass manufacturing industry is a dynamic sector characterized by constant change in demand, innovative strategies, and technological advancements. I would advise other women who want to work in this industry to first rely on their own abilities and goals. Despite gender imbalances in our industry, we must remember the value and perspectives that women bring. It is important for them to muster up their bravery and have faith that they can overcome obstacles and achieve success. They should also make use of resources such as training and mentoring to continuously improve themselves and make the most of opportunities that are available in the industry. They should establish ambitious objectives and work diligently to attain them.

They should not forget that each of us contributes immeasurably to the industry, irrespective of gender. As a result, women should not be afraid to act in order to strengthen their presence in the glass and manufacturing industry and to increase the success of our sector. Now is the time to act and become role models for future generations. And we are always here to offer our support to them. 



Nuray Özkir, GCA Head of Financial Affairs

7.    How do you feel the manufacturing industry can become a more diverse and inclusive sector?

To enhance diversity and inclusivity within the manufacturing industry, it is imperative to establish a culture that values variations in gender, ethnicity, age, and other demographics. I believe that women and young people should be encouraged to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) degrees to advance education and equal opportunities. This will bring together more talent and diversity in the field. It is also necessary to develop and implement policies that promote diversity and inclusion. The entrepreneurial support offered by KOSGEB, for instance, is extremely beneficial in this regard. These policies should encourage a fair and transparent approach at all levels, from recruitment to promotion and leadership positions. By doing so, the manufacturing sector has the potential to make progress towards a future that is more inclusive, innovative, and environmentally sustainable.

Aegg carefully vets its packaging suppliers for the quality of their products, as well as their sustainability practices and their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Some of the GCA products that Aegg exclusively supplies to its UK customers include the new Gediz spirit bottle and 100ml glass jar

Gediz spirit bottle from Aegg produced by GCA

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