How to Create Customised Plastic Food Pots

Every year, around 15,000 new food products are introduced into the marketplace.  

The importance of your packaging standing out on the shelf or online has never been more important to give your brand the biggest chance of success.  

With Aegg, you can make your plastic food pots as unique as you want them to be.  From designing a one-off shape, to customising our existing packaging range, we have a range of options to suit your budget, timescales or MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirements.  We can also produce your unique food pots at our own manufacturing facility in Suffolk, UK, giving you ultimate control over your food packaging.  



Two Ways You Can Create Customised Packaging:


1. Ultimate bespoke packaging design

For the most bespoke packaging option, we can customise the shape of your designs by working closely with our in-house design team.  You can then apply any of the additional customisations below, subject to a commercially viable quantity.  


2. Customise our existing packaging range

Or you can choose to customise pots from our existing off-the-shelf range.  This is a more cost-effective solution whilst still providing you with a unique end product. 


rPet concepts


Packaging customisation options:


Embossing, debossing, etching and surface texturing

bespoke pots design for Pots & Co with embossed lids

Details such as logos or other artwork can be applied to your pot.  We use a variety of depth and texture to make your brand stand out on shelf in place of a secondary label.



Colour and tint

Aegg's read heart shape food pot B0107Any colour or tint can be applied to match your branding and is added before production.  This can also be applied for large quantities of our off-the-shelf products.




Neck design and sealing

Aegg's tulip pot B0111 which can be customisedBespoke products can be designed to have a sealing solution that fits your machinery or production lines, from heat sealing, screw top to tamper evident sealing, utilising one of the any approved neck standards.






Material selection

Aegg's in-house plastic packaging manufacturing unit in the UKMaterial selection and use of additives can achieve higher barrier properties to your product and improve the shelf life or allow products, including PET, to be hot filled at 80C or to work at low temperatures such as freezer stored products.



Closures, lids, pourers & spouts

Selection of lids available at Aegg that can be customised for food packagingPerhaps the quickest way we can get you bespoke packaging is by using one of our off-the-shelf pots and creating a bespoke lid with your logo or artwork embossed on it for unique pourers or spouts.





Environmentally friendly materials 

Image shows recycling logo, showing how Aegg's plastic food packaging can be recycled or made with recycled material
You can choose to have your pots created in rPET which includes 30% recycled material, whilst making them plastics packaging tax-exempt in the UK.  We can also light weight PP pots, reducing the weight and therefore both cost and tax liability of the packaging, without affecting the functionality of the pots.



If you need further advice or are interested in finding out more, please get in touch – we would be happy to talk through all the different options with you.

Once you have given these options some thought, here are the steps we take to create your bespoke plastic food pots...


The Steps We Take to Create Your Bespoke Plastic Food Pots


Image depicting shaking of hands, when creating a brief for Aegg customised food pots Briefing

We discuss your new project with you, including your marketing objectives, volumes, functional requirements, timeframes, tooling investments and unit cost targets.

Image showing a light bulb, depicting how Aegg's products can be customised through design Design

Our inhouse designers create ideas that meet your functional considerations as well as making your product stand out from your competitors using full 3d modelling software and visualisation packages which is then directly exported to the tooling designers ensuring no details are lost in the design transfer.

Image depicting how Aegg can produce a prototype of custom food packaging Prototyping

A full review of the brief is carried out and a 3d design often produced with an FDM model to demonstrate proof of principle and to allow a more detailed proposal to be generated. Having chosen your design, we 3D print samples.  You could opt for a high quality acrylic sample, too.

Image depicting how a contract can be drawn up for Aegg's customisable packaging Proposal

We send you our proposal, including mould build cost, unit costs, logistics scheduling, production scheduling, exclusivity, signing of an NDA, payment terms, and contractual details.  We also advise on the project steps from concept to routine production including a timeline.

Contract signing for bespoke food packaging Contract signing

These contracts protect the interests of all parties, ensuring that proper consideration has been given to all aspects of the partnership.

Technical and project management available at Aegg Creative Packaging Technical and Project Management

Aegg’s dedicated project team manages all projects from first concepts through to routine production working closely with the customer and as the key point of technical contact, generating project plans, process control plans, product and performance validation protocols, based on the “cradle to grave” model. 

Product development and trial mould Product Development and Trial mould

We create a trial mould for the production from 50 to 50,000 samples and provides the opportunity to carry out alternative materials, design options and modifications to create the final design You can use these trial samples for your own production, packaging and logistics trials.

Production trials for bespoke packaging at Aegg Creative Packaging Production trials

Our technical team likes to visit and observe production trials to better understand the requirements for your packaging and logistical considerations.  We make any final necessary adjustments.

8 Production moulds

To enable full-scale production,  Aegg offers a range of solutions from inserts into one of our standard tool frames, to complete new moulds from 1 cavity to 32 cavities depending on the production demands, product life cycle and seasonality demands.

9-1 Full production

Commencing according to the agreed schedule, our logistics, production and quality managers will be in regular contact dialogue with your team.

Warehousing and distribution is available at Aegg's Suffolk hubWarehousing & distribution

Depending on your needs, Aegg can warehouse buffer stock and manage the ongoing deliveries of your packaging.


Please get in touch if you would like to find out how to create your own bespoke food packaging.  We would be delighted to talk you through the different options available.


Image with Aegg's heritage pots encouraging people to get in touch to discuss their bespoke food packaging projects