Aegg's Transport Manager is Finalist in National Awards

Aegg's Thijs selected as Finalist in the Transport Manager of the Year

Thijs p2We are delighted to share the news that Thijs Bontekoe, Aegg's Transport Manager, was selected as a Finalist in the 'Transport Manager of the Year' Awards.  

The Transport Manager of the Year competition is Logistics UK’s new event that provides an opportunity for Transport Managers to showcase their extensive knowledge and professional expertise and be recognised by their peers and other industry professionals. 

As Aegg's Transport Manager, Thijs ensures that our transport function operates in a safe, compliant and legal manner by adhering to all O-license undertakings and requirements.

Thijs says "Together with my fantastic team in warehousing and logistics, we ensure that our products arrive safely and on time to our customers."


Here's what Thijs had to say about the awards:

"In a nutshell, I was nominated by my old pool of drivers from a previous employer - which was a major proud moment for myself. I have never seen myself as the best Transport Manager of the country nor will I ever see myself as that; as in my opinion a Transport Manager is only as good as their ability to pass on knowledge to all stakeholders involved.

Being a transport manager is a very black and white profession with little grey areas. 75% of what I do is defined by my own actions, however I am relying on input and performance from others for the remaining 25%. If I do not get it 100% right, I personally run the risk of losing my good reputation or worse if matters go completely awry!

Therefore, my ethos is always to work with full transparency, inclusion and honesty with each and every employee. I will educate, teach and manage performances in a humble manner, and will never talk down to anyone because they might not know all the rules - there are a lot!"

Thijs goes on to say:

"The competition itself was very interesting. After the initial nomination, I was requested to perform a competency test which I completed successfully. This was then followed by the submission of a case study, which I centered around how a Transport Manager should behave in the modern world - no more shouting and swearing as the norm was a decade ago. FInally, this was followed by an interview by a panel of 5 judges.

Unfortunately, I did not emerge "victorious"; and there was some initial disappointment. However, now looking back, I could not be more proud of being at this stage of the competition. The part that makes me proudest though, is the fact that I did not put myself forward for the competition but it was a dozen employees who clearly thought that I was deserving of the title. Their kind words and their recognition means more to me than winning the competition or not, as they are proof that my method and approach works in a fantastic way."


Congratulations on your win, Thijs.  We are all very proud of you at Aegg.