Aegg Launches New Spirit Bottle: The Gediz

Are you a spirits producer?

If so, you'll be interested to hear about the 'Gediz', the new addition to our exclusive collection of 70cl glass spirit bottles. Whether you produce whisky, gin, vodka, or rum, select from our competitively-priced premium range of bottles to unleash the true essence of your spirit.

Aegg's spirit bottle pictured with an iced glass containing a spirit with orange peel

The New Gediz Spirit Bottle

5 key Gediz facts:

1. It is the newest addition to our spirit bottle collection and is suitable for many spirit-based drinks.

2. It is exclusive to Aegg in the UK.

3. It is named after the Gediz River, a river in the Aegean region of Turkey.

4. It is produced by a BRC accredited manufacturer.

5. It has an extra-large panel area for screen printing, transfer work or label application.

The latest addition to our spirit bottle collection, the Gediz, is exclusive to Aegg in the UK.  It follows the successful launch of our Yenice bottle, which you can already see on supermarket shelves for own-brand spirits as well as exclusive brands.


Eye-catching Large Panel Area

Crafted by a BRC accredited manufacturer, the Gediz bottle boasts a design that immediately catches the eye, thanks to its generously sized panel area that allows for seamless screen printing, transfer work, or label application. With its elegant and distinctive design, the Gediz is a perfect match for a wide range of spirit-based products, and even offers the option of neck label application if desired.

Aegg's Gediz spirit bottle pictured in a sunny garden

Environmental Credentials

The Gediz bottle is not only fully recyclable but also made entirely from raw materials found in nature. Glass is both reusable and infinitely recyclable, with the ability to be recycled again and again in an endless loop, transforming into new bottles and jars.

Due to its inherent inertness and protective properties, glass acts as a secure barrier, ensuring that products are preserved for a longer period, even after being opened. This makes glass the natural choice for preserving the quality of the product.

Aegg's Gediz spirit bottle, seen here by a warming fire

Customisable Bottle

The off-the-shelf Gediz spirit bottle can be customised to create a more bespoke design, including embossing, debossing, frosting, screen printing and colour spraying.  Ask us for more info!


Part of the Aegg Spirit Bottle Collection

Aegg spirit bottle collection including the Gediz and Yenice

Aegg's meticulously curated selection of 70cl glass spirit bottles in flint color is the ultimate choice for discerning spirit enthusiasts. The new Gediz bottle is the latest addition to the collection, joining the 'Yenice', a game-changer in the industry as it weighs on average 20%* lighter than its counterparts available in the UK. This innovative design not only makes it environmentally friendly by reducing the use of raw materials and minimizing CO2 emissions during production and distribution, but it also maintains the highest standards of quality. Rest assured, the 'Yenice' is fully recyclable, ensuring a sustainable and responsible choice for your spirit packaging needs.

*Based on a comprehensive comparison with six similar bottles currently available in the UK, with an average weight of 669g. Our 'Yenice' bottle weighs a significantly lighter 525g.



Is the Gediz bottle ready to order?
Yes, the Gediz and Yenice bottles are both at our Suffolk warehouse (whilst stocks last!).  

Do you have warehouse facilities to store the bottles until we need them?
Yes, you can keep your Gediz or Yenice bottles at our Suffolk warehouse as long as you need to.  We also have an in-house logistics service, transporting your bottles to anywhere in the UK.

Is the Gediz bottle recyclable?
Yes, it is fully recyclable.  Click here to read more.

What are the specs of the Gediz bottle?
Click here to view the full specs.

How do I make an enquiry about the Gediz bottle?
Click on the Gediz product page, then click on 'make an enquiry'.
Or simply fill out our contact form.


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