• Looking for box quantities to make your premium food look scrumptious? Call 01722 416401 or browse our range here.
  • Looking for box quantities to make your premium food look scrumptious? Call 01722 416401 or browse our range here.
  • Looking for box quantities to make your premium food look scrumptious? Call 01722 416401 or browse our range here.

The Importance of Glass Packaging During Covid-19 Times

Written by Chris Palmer on Monday, 18 May 2020.

Chris Palmer, Aegg’s UK Sales Manager, takes a look at the importance of glass containers during the coronavirus pandemic.

At periods of need throughout history, glass has played an integral role in keeping the wheels moving both nationally and globally. From the screens of our mobile phones to the hair-thin glass of fibre-optic cables used in medical procedures, where would we be without glass today?

The same is also true of glass packaging and containers, especially during Covid-19 times. Here are a few applications of glass packaging that are helping the nation through lockdown and beyond:



Conker spirit hand sanitiser in glass packaging bottle
Photo Credit: Conker Spirit

Hand Sanitiser

Some spirits manufacturers are utilising their existing machinery & componentry to fill hand sanitiser into bottles. The alcohol base of sanitiser is already on spirit producers’ premises, but other non-spirit glass ‘users’ are also turning their efforts towards production since the outbreak, with many selling at cost to keep businesses ticking over and contributing to local key worker causes. For example, Dorset-based Conker Spirit shifted distillery operations to large-scale production of hand sanitiser to supply the UK’s frontline.

Using glass for this purpose is a simple, readily available and durable packaging format, consisting of the glass container itself, closure and label. I have even seen beer bottles used for sanitiser recently!


Food & Beverage

Aegg’s glass pasta sauce jarsn

Pasta Sauce and Jam Jars

There is currently a higher than ever demand for pasta, cooking sauces and jams. All are contained in glass jars. These fridge and shelf-ready stackable rigid packaging glass containers help to protect their long shelf life and the high-speed filling lines enable manufacturers to meet the high demand. Manufacturers are pulling out all the stops by creating extra shifts to meet the demand with some factories’ production lines open 24/7. At Aegg, we are able to support our food and drink customers’ needs by delivering additional supplies of glass food jars as well as glass drinks bottles and plastic dessert pots on demand, using our OWN flexible haulage fleet.



Demand for glass milk bottles has been increasing

Glass Drinks Bottles

Demand for glass milk bottles has been increasing since the end of last year. The lockdown has also meant that with supermarket delivery slots at a premium, milkmen’s doorstep deliveries in pint glass bottle format have risen over the last few weeks too, as detailed in this BBC article. Dairies are also looking to introduce larger 2L glass fridge packs.




Sales for alcoholic drinks in glass bottles are increasing

Alcoholic Beverages

As well as increased milk bottle sales, off-trade alcoholic beverage sales have risen, with high demand for home delivery and internet bottle shop services, with many consumers citing that they are ideal morale boosters during lockdown.

So glass continues to play an extremely important part in our history, with the material proving its worth ten-fold during COVID-times and beyond.

For more information about Aegg’s glass jars and bottles for food and drink click here.

About the Author

Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer

I have worked within the UK glass industry for nearly 22 years, in sales, technical & operational roles. I particularly enjoy working with fledgling brands to make their concept a reality. My primary focus is on building upon our already extensive range of glass packaging within the UK from start-ups to established household brands.

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