Miles completes Undergraduate Internship with Aegg

on Thursday, 20 July 2017.

Miles completes Undergraduate Internship with Aegg

Miles Hamer has completed his 10 month Undergraduate Internship with Aegg Packaging. The Internship forms part of his 4-year sandwich course in Creative Product Design BSc at Bristol University.

Miles first heard about Aegg when Ada Holmes, Aegg’s Product Designer, attended his university’s end of year show last summer. Jenna, a previous Intern at Aegg was also on hand to lend advice. Following on from that first meeting, Miles came to Andover to meet Anthony, Jamie and the rest of the Aegg team.

Reflecting on the last year working at Aegg, Miles says that he has found the entire experience ‘invaluable’.

In Mile’s first few weeks at Aegg, he had the opportunity to visit an injection moulding factory to watch some new trials taking place. This provided him with a fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand how the manufacturing process of pots works and proved to be one of the highlights of his internship at Aegg.

‘During my visit to the factory, I was able to see how the tools were made and put together. Some parts were quite small but still had a vital role to play in the production of the finished product. Watching as machines created the pots was informative and has helped me to consider the manufacturing process before I start to design. Throughout the trial, various issues would occur to challenge the engineers but their knowledge of the machines meant they could very quickly make the necessary adjustments. I attended a few meetings while on site and this also taught me so much about the way business works.’

Miles went on to say, ‘Attending the Packaging Innovations shows in London last September and more recently at the Birmingham NEC in March this year have been further highlights for me. I attended some seminars while there and learnt so much about the innovation processes that go on in the background to producing a new product. I was surprised to find out about the wide variety of packaging products that are available.’

Miles also was surprised to learn the length of time it takes for new projects to be completed, saying, ‘I would have liked to have seen a product fully from conception to coming off the machines. I now understand the complexities involved and it can take well over a year for projects to be fully completed.’

‘My 10 months working with my mentor Ada and the whole team at Aegg has helped me with the way I begin designing a product. Ada has shared her wealth of knowledge with me and I now understand that research is key. You need to spend time getting to know the background of who you are designing for and most importantly understanding what is hoped to be achieved.’

‘Pat and Nigel have limitless knowledge of this industry, they know everything! Anthony, Jamie, Nick and Tonia have great business knowledge, Jane makes great cup of tea, Sharon and Sveti always have sweets, Donna will help with anything and Dave has the best advice!’

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