Aegg Plays its part in World Bee Day

honey bee on flower

To acknowledge World Bee Day (on 20th May), we thought we’d interview one of our customers ‘Birds, Bees and Honey’ about their honey venture...

Husband and wife team, Lisa and Steve, captured a wild honey bee swarm 4 years ago. Steve is the bee keeper and Lisa is the jar filler and seller. They now have 12 hives and sell their raw honey locally in Suffolk. They have branched out and are also developing a dairy-free chocolate spread using their raw honey, and includes 2 other natural ingredients which, Lisa says, ‘tastes amazing!’

Behive bee keeper and honey jars-1

Lisa said “We don’t heat or warm the honey; it is spun out in our centrifugal machine, put through a sieve and then put into the jars. Because the weather has been colder, the honey is very late this year; you just have to wait for nature to do its thing! We call our bees the ‘Suffolk spitfires’ as Steve’s dad was a photo-reconnaissance pilot in WW2 and flew low level behind enemy lines. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery.”

Lisa went on to say “I was looking for a supplier for good quality glass honey jars, to keep the honey fresh and safe. I came across Aegg, with their warehouse close by in Suffolk. When I contacted them, they were so helpful, and were great with all their communications. The team at their warehouse were fantastic, too. I’m so glad I found Aegg!”

Honey jars beeswax and part of behive

Aegg jar featured: 206ml round glass panelled jar

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