Aegg Celebrates 4* ECO Stars Rating

Aegg recently took part in the ECO Stars programme, a fuel management and operational efficiency support programme, designed as a measure for local authorities to improve local air quality by reducing emissions from heavy duty vehicles including bus and HGV fleets.


What is the ECO Stars Programme?

The scheme encourages commercial fleet operators to run their vehicles more efficiently, reducing their fuel consumption, which in turn will reduce vehicle carbon, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions. In summary, the scheme assesses each individual organisation that takes part in the ECO Stars programme and offers specific considerations, with the goal of improving the air quality and lowering traffic emissions.  


What Aegg Achieved in the ECO Stars Programme

After a site visit and thorough assessment of Aegg’s transport system and the fleet of trucks Aegg owns and operates within the UK, Aegg is delighted to have achieved a 4* rating.  This is the highest rating achievable with a conventional diesel fleet.  


Bradley Mingay, Aegg Transport ManagerBradley Mingay, Aegg’s Transport Manager, said “With only 2 companies, so far, achieving the full 5* rating, our 4* rating is a fantastic achievement that the team can be really proud of.  Going forward, we are working towards achieving a 5* rating, which would mean investing in at least one alternative fuel vehicle.  This is a project that the team is currently working on.”


Some Comments About Aegg From the ECO Stars Report

  • Your fleet profile is very positive with all of your commercial vehicles being Euro VI, with in-cab telematics, helping to optimise efficiency.

  • All of your vehicles have on-board telematics and through close monitoring of the results, you have established a culture that understands fuel efficiency and cost-effective running. This includes regular training of drivers through a behaviour-based eco driving system which involves educational input and coaching.

  • You manage fuel by monitoring fleet and individual vehicle level fuel consumption. At the moment, fuel consumption is monitored through telematics and drivers are trained and educated on efficient driving methods.

  • As you are clearly aware, driver behaviour is one of the most influential contributors to fuel efficiency. Drivers are trained in safe, fuel-efficient driving methods. Individual drivers and vehicles are monitored using telematics to provide performance tables and weekly mpg figures.

  • There is a robust vehicle replacement process in place which has resulted in all of your fleet being Euro VI. This process also ensures that your vehicles have the latest safety and emissions technologies to reduce their impact on the environment. There is a sound preventative maintenance system in place, with regular servicing and tyre monitoring, to ensure vehicle safety and efficiency.

  • Performance is monitored through individual vehicle mpg analysis and efficiency is reported for a wide range of aspects of your operation. Your company has targeting systems in place, including the systematic use of costing of works targets which you strive to achieve. There are robust processes for collecting, analysing, and interpreting data.

One of Aegg's new lorries from its fleet, with 4 stars ECO stars rating

Photo: One of Aegg's new lorries from its fleet

About Aegg's Fleet

As well as sourcing, manufacturing and storing Aegg’s food and drink packaging products from Eye, Aegg also delivers them. Aegg’s experienced transport team manages its own distribution fleet of over 30 vehicular units. Aegg recently added 2 new lorries to its fleet, which are suitable for longer haul deliveries including comfortable sleeper cabs. Based near Felixstowe port (Britain’s biggest and busiest container port) and with its excellent transport links, Aegg's hub at Eye is ideally located for transporting packaging between Felixstowe and Grangemouth docks, Aegg’s Suffolk warehouses and Aegg’s customers all around the UK.



Aegg is a dedicated food and beverage packaging company supplying drinks bottlespots, bowlsjars, and sauce bottles into global markets.  Aegg packaging can be found on premium shelves of major supermarkets, on airline meals and in foodservice outlets.  To find out how we can help your organisation, please get in touch

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