miniAegg Update

miniAegg products 210ml tumbler

miniAegg, Aegg’s sister range of plastic and glass pots available in box quantities, was launched in February 2017 and is experiencing a big growth in demand.

miniAegg initially targeted smaller or start-up companies that do not have space to stock larger amounts. These requests have more than doubled over the last year, which is great news as we help to grow their businesses.

Mini Sample

With the growing demand for box quantities, we recognise that this service appeals not only to smaller or start-up companies but increasingly to larger, more established companies too. The box quantity has proved to be a great way for companies to order samples for trialling, marketing purposes or just to bridge a gap between orders.

 Mini Boost

We have listened to your requirements and added more products to our listing 

If you would like to chat about how you can give your business a miniAegg boost, call Tonia on 01722 416401.

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